Yacht Rental for a Great Vacation

When it is time to take that ideal vacation you have the option of a cruise on a big ship and all the hassle and press of a hundred other people, or you can make another not so obvious choice. For just a little more per week you can rent a small yacht for yourself and your family, making yacht rental an easy choice for that unique vacation.

For the first time yacht goer a crew chartered “six-pack” yacht rental will give you the best value for your money, making it possible for a couple thousand dollars a person per week to enjoy a once in a lifetime vacation that is an adventure. This type of yacht rental typically has a small crew consisting of the skipper and sometimes a chef. They can be used for both ocean voyage and bay sailing. The location the cruise is to and the provisions taken along are both decided by the person making the charter, not some big cruise line.

Your yacht rental of a six pack yacht charter is one form of skippered charter. The skipper is a professional person who possesses the specialized skills needed to maneuver the yacht. He or she should have documented these skills and have the experience necessary to make the trip safely. If in doubt ask for their license.

If you have more experience yourself, you might consider a bareboat charter form of yacht rental. After proving you have skills enough to skipper the vessel itself, you can assume command of it and have the thrill of sailing the seas under your own skill without the extreme cost of ownership. While this is cheaper on the onset then a skippered charter, keep in mind that port fees, provisions, fuel, and other costs that must be taken into account will end up being yours to pay in addition to renting the boat.

Yacht Lady Mona K in Skopelos

Yacht Lady Mona K in Skopelos—Yorick R (Flickr.com)

Legally a bareboat yacht rental is like assuming ownership of the yacht for an agreed upon time. All maintenance and other upkeep costs fall into things that the renter must cover. In agreeing to taking on a bareboat charter one must step up to handle all operating costs and make sure both P&I and hull insurance is up to date. Your best bet to signing a bareboat charter is to go through a charter broker, who can help you with all the legal paperwork necessary and find you the best deal.

No matter what form of yacht rental chose you will have a unique vacation experience when you charter a yacht. It will be in you hands where you go and what you do when you get there. You can be assured that you know everyone on the boat, and have a chance to learn new skills while enjoying the vast beauty of nature from the deck of a luxurious yacht. The ultimate intimate vacation is a charted small yacht, because you pick the final designation and the daily menu, not some huge company.

Yacht Rental for a Great Vacation